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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

Created: Jul 31, 2023 – Last Updated: Aug 25, 2023

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#I maintained a major React meta framework

From 2019 to 2023 I maintained Gatsby (opens in a new tab), one of the major React meta frameworks. As a team we shipped multiple major versions featuring a lot of awesome features which I’ll highlight in just a bit. While I used a lot of other awesome open source software (e.g. webpack, Babel, LMDB, Redux) I also built such widely used software myself.

Some of the highlights of my work:

Generally speaking I have the “under the hood”-knowledge that makes a React meta framework work. I have deep knowledge about the JavaScript, Node.js, and React ecosystem.

For a full list of my work check out my resume.

#I’m a strong communicator & technical writer

I know how to interact with open source communities and write high-quality documentation. I realized that I’m enjoying those things some years into my career and trained them both at work and personal projects.

I’ve established processes for open source projects or have written long-form tutorials like Creating a Source Plugin (opens in a new tab). I’ve also published educational content on my personal website, for example Writing Performant CSS with vanilla-extract.

I’ve led projects and teams through organization-wide projects. I wrote detailed tech specs and shared progress early and often. I’ve worked for over 4 years remote-only so I know how to efficiently communicate asynchronously.

[…] Within the organization, Lennart has taken on many initiatives to enhance our process; he describes the issue in detail and shares it with the teams, along with a comprehensive action plan. I enthusiastically endorse Lennart; working with him is a delight.

Khaled Garbaya (opens in a new tab)

#I’m a designer turned software engineer

In High School and college I did freelance design work including but not limited to app designs, logos, icons, and websites. I’ve designed a lot of websites and later also developed them. I have an eye for the little details and can incorporate developer/user experience aspects directly into my work.

This very website you’re currently reading this on and my Gatsby Themes (opens in a new tab) are all designed and developed by me.

#I’m constantly learning & improving myself

I’ve been honing my design, writing, and software development skills for years now with the help of a lot of amazing people. Every person has a unique set of abilities and you can always learn something new by working together. Before working in a team, I learned how to learn quickly and how to navigate the path to getting things done.

I approach technical writing and mentoring junior folks with empathy and joy. I care about creating educational content, lifting everyone up with me, and open source since I’ve directly benefited from all these things myself.

I have managed Lennart directly, and have seen truly tremendous growth in his skills and in his career while at Gatsby. […] Lennart is not yet done growing, and he is ready for an even more outsized impact to help shape, build, and improve products and any team would be lucky to have his design sensibilities, his deep JavaScript expertise, his open-source acumen and community building, and perhaps most importantly his growing and robust engineering skillset.

Dustin Schau (opens in a new tab)

#I’m a product-focused software engineer

So what do I mean by “product-focused” engineer?

It’s someone who is close to the customer, who incorporates their feedback for shipping good user experiences, and essentially can shape software and product decisions. It’s a software engineer who can use data (e.g. how quickly a feature got adopted) and facilitate research (e.g. public RFC for a new feature) to shape product decisions. It’s someone who is not done by just implementing the MVP but cares about the details (e.g. showing helpful error messages) to deliver great user experiences.

I’m ticking all those boxes.

Lennart is a great engineer. Very customer focused, extremely talented. He can go very deep into the most complex technology. He’s also a great writer and someone who can share his ideas to help level up more junior developers.

Zack Urlocker (opens in a new tab)

#Contact Me

I’m looking for a remote full stack software engineering role, in a team working in european or EST time zones. The company should have an entity in Germany or should be able to hire me through a payroll provider like Remote (opens in a new tab). I’m open-minded about the type of company, working on open source (in any capacity) would be a plus. You can contact me via email at or on LinkedIn (opens in a new tab).

Edit: I found a role I’m excited about! No longer actively looking.

If you want to learn more about me, you can read my about page for a more personal note or my resume for a list of all my relevant experiences.

Want to learn more? Browse my Digital Garden