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With my FujiFilm cameras and lenses I primarily shoot landscape photography. I love Fuji’s color science and enjoy editing my photos with Capture One. You can find more details on my uses page page.

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Tallinn old townTallinn church towerTallinn churchOverview of Tallinn from viewpointHigh contrast windowcathedralyellow flowers at seafronthelsinki harborHelsinki main libraryFortHelsinki cathedralBoats in harborChurch topBoat with golden glimmerBuildings at sunset on waterBig red buildingCannonsStockholm townhall at sunsetStreet alleyNyhavn at sunsetTivoli Theme ParkChurch surrounded by greenBuilding with blue windowsCastle in gardenView onto destroyed Kopenhagen stock exchangeBoats in harborMountains in cloudsLook down a street going through a valleyHill in fogWaterfrontRocks in waterSunrise with sun in the middleSunrise mountain hillsSunset at coastLook onto city built into the mountainsCity at nightStreet leading down a mountainCoastal townWaterfallLevadaTree in fogTwo people standing in front of ocean waves with sunsetTree and foliage in sunsetsequoia tree with a hole in the middle where you can walk throughTwo sequoia trees (together at the bottom)Mountain and trees mirroring in riverWaterfall with rainbow colorsTrees mirroring themselves in a riverRiver in the foreground, Half Dome (Yosemite) in the backgroundYosemite ValleyBeach + Sea at sunsetYosemite ValleyIn the morning the sun heats the cold grass and mist goes upCentral bus hub under the Salesforce ParkLook into downtown street in San FranciscoLook into downtown street in San FranciscoSan Francisco Ferry BuildingView from the water onto the Golden Gate Bridge with a buoy in the foregroundLook from the water onto Coit Tower in San FranciscoOutside stairs going up, old woman standing at the bottom of it, in between two housesView onto Golden Gate Bridge from the south side with overcast weatherMountain river flowing through valleyGlacier in front of green mountain ridgeSmall river in the foreground, mountain hut in the middle ground, and glacier in backgroundCows eating grass at small river in the mountainsMountain range mirroring in mountain lake at sunriseLook into rocky mountain valleyHigh peak mountain with snowWater flowing through sand in front of mountainMountain cabin with small lake surrounded by mountainsGlacier lake in front of snowy mountainMountain reflected into large mountain lake at sunrisePanorama view of mountain rangeWaterfall flowing down mountainMountain cabin surrounded by mountainsSnowy valley at mountain ridgeView into valley with two larger lakes and snowy mountain tops in the backgroundrainbow streetpier having two boats on each sidewide landscape shot of a church in front of a riverdramatic clouds over mountainsseagulls sitting on rock in front of landscapecliffs at seamountain at a lakewaterfallswaterfall in a valleypseudo-craters surrounded by lakescrater view on lakessign warning against sheep on next 25kmwaterfallinside view of a car driving on roadwindy mountainssheep looking into the cameralittle boat driving on city shore in a fjordmoody image of mountains in cloudsmoody image of mountains in clouds with red light from sunblack and white photo of sandy beachice lagoonice glacierflying puffinstanding behind a waterfallperson standing in front of massive waterfallerupting volcanoreflection of people inside a buildingblurry gras in the foreground and snow-capped mountain in backgroundwindy road up orange hillsvalley with basalt rocksvolcano embedded in wider landscapeBlack and White photo, dramatic, of sharp mountainsMountain range with green hills in the foregroundMountain range with green hills in the foregroundMountain range with green hills in the foregroundFocus shot of wild flowers in the mountains with mountain range in the backgroundDramatic orange, blue clouds with light raysMountain range with green hills in the foreground. Cows are also in the foreground.Green, rocky cliffs with big waves hitting them.View from Punta de Teno onto Los GigantesSunset photo with dramatic clouds and other islands in the distance. Orange, blue atmosphere.View at Pico del Teide from the street leading directly to it in the middle at sunriseMoody image of the Auditorio de Tenerife in a minimalistic form of its shapesA greyish hill with a lot of green vegetation standing in a green forestPhoto of the milky way above a mountain ridge and with green illuminated ground grass in the foreground.A big rock boulder in the bottom foreground with light coming through a small ridge in the middle. A larger mountain in the background.Blurry purple flowers in the foreground with a view into a small town directly at the sea with elevation.Sunset with sand in the air which throws an especially soft light. Two more clouds are above the sun and are illuminated.Light rays coming through the leaves of trees in a lush and green forestView onto the Pico del Teide from the mountain top of Mount GuajaraFoggy, moody image of a mountain with clouds at the top not showing the mountain top. Shot from a distant forest.Yellow-green grass in the foreground, distant mountains with a lot of haze in the background.Directly at a lake with a big stone and a tree branch lying in the water in front of the stone. Mountains and clouds mirror in the lake.Trees on a rocky mountain ridge.Blurry green trees in top left and bottom corners building a frame for a look onto a lake in the mountains.Black and White photo of a mountain top peaking out of the clouds. The border of the image is naturally framed by trees.Turquoise lake going up directly to a forest which is clouded.Symmetric image of a lake with hills on the left and right side. The clouds and distant mountains reflect in the lake.High and rough rocky mountain on the right, on the left the view into the valley deep below it.Blurry yellow gras in the foreground, looking down into a valley from a mountain top. Small villages in the valley, big mountains in the background.Valley in between mountains at sunrise with sun rays in the backgroundDetail shot of a lake in the mountains with flowers in the foregroundLake embedded between mountainsPanorama shot of the alps from a vantage pointRiver flowing through the middle of the picture leading to a bigger mountain in the backgroundOverview of lisbon and its high vantage pointsRed and yellow old castle towersCastle of LisbonLook at old castle that is embedded in clouds around itShorePerson in blue jacket fishing at a shoreBoat speeding by on the water with lisbon and its mountains in the backgroundLook into street in lisbon where lots of plants hang from the balconies on each sideWhite chapel with red flowers in the foregroundRed bridge and jesus statue in lisbonDetailed view of outer side of a house in lisbon with ornamentsView of the roofs of lisbonBeach directly at a cliffA red-white dahliaAn orange-brown butterfly sitting on a leafLook from Bregenz (top perspective from mountain) onto Lake Constance. In the foreground the forest, from the left side the lake spans across the image and on the right the cities directly at the lake are visible.Series of mountain ridges, one after another with fading visibility further it goes to the backgroundLook at the Säntis (Switzerland) from Hochgrat stationForeground shows a green (grass) mountain ridge with a couple of trees and a small hut further down. The background is the silhouette of the Alps (German side). The picture itself was taken on a mountain looking at the german / austrian alpsLook from Hochgrat at the Säntis mountain and Lake Constance (covered with mist)Overlooking a mountain range that is hidden by low-hanging fog cloudsThe end of a bigger hill with a little lake in the foreground and the rest of the mountain range in the backgroundA small valley between two higher mountain ridges. Orange grass in the foreground blurry through the depth-of-fieldLooking into a valley in southern austria on a sunny day with a couple of clouds in the skyAt nearly 3000m height a small house is on the mountain in the foreground and the massive mountains in the background are seemingly near but a huge valley is dividing thatThe outside of the christian church in Los Angeles DowntownThe Disney theater in Los Angeles DowntownThe golden-gate bridge at sunset with a golden-red skyThe rough coast at Land's end in San FranciscoSmall boat in a port of a small town in Croatia. The town is in the background and has a small destroyed castle at the topShowing the water reflection of the sky, a small village on the right and the mountains in the backgroundBlurry gras in the foreground, a small village at a lake in the middleground, and the mountains in the backgroundLake Bled in Slowenia with the alps in the backgroundWaterfalls in the Plitvicer Lakes