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Besides software development I have another huge passion of mine: Designing UI in Figma, creating photo manipulations in Photoshop, tinkering with abstract art in Cinema4D, and exploring nature & capturing it with my Fujifilm camera. Or in other words: I enjoy art!

The image is divided in three equal parts. It shows on the left a preview of a webdesign (a Figma screenshot of the design for In the middle a 3D generated purple hand reaching out of the water (the hand is broken into pieces at the bottom and some float on the water) with a sunset sky. And on the right a photo of the coast in San Francisco at the "Suthro Baths".

I’ve started my journey in High School as I wanted to have custom signatures (little graphics under your post) in a couple of online forums. There was and still is a community of people doing these little tags on DeviantArt and it was my entry to the world of using Photoshop. Like a sponge I absorbed every tutorial there was online and probably used it daily for a couple of years. Soon I began doing webdesign (in Photoshop, I know 😀) and photo manipulations – the former for some extra money, the latter as it was more advanced and really challenged all my acquired skills. It’s both difficult & rewarding blending multiple photos seamlessly together into a picture while telling a story via the image itself. Over the years I learned new tools and shifted some work out of Photoshop and e.g. to Figma. Nowadays I do UI design for all my own projects (it also helps for frontend development in my day job) and the rest as a hobby in my free time.

Under the Design category you’ll primarily find compositings, webdesigns & related graphics made in Figma. The 3D Art section features my favourite art made in various 3D software. Last but not least, the Photography page shows the photos (primarily landscapes) I’m most proud of!