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Creating your own Status Dashboard with Gatsby

30/10/20193 min read Category: Tutorial
When you need to handle a lot of Netlify or CircleCI (or both) projects at the same time and want a clear, minimalist overview of those, your own status dashboard could come in handy. You can visit mine on and see all my (public) repositories hosted on Netlify + some CircleCI test...

Specimens for Gatsby powered Design Systems

29/08/20192 min read Category: Coding
Some time ago — or should I rather say two years — I created a remark plugin for Gatsby called gatsby-remark-design-system. It was my first deep-dive into remark and customizing the AST. It helped me a lot to understand Gatsby and remark plugins. It's purpose is to display components such as color s...

How I used Theme UI to build my Gatsby Themes library

25/07/20195 min read Category: Coding
Building Themes for Gatsby is fun and a great way to share projects with the Open Source community. In the past I mainly created starters which I added to the starter library on and called it a day. While working on my first starter to theme conversion I realized that I don't have a gre...