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While I began doing UI & webdesign with Photoshop I’m now primarily using Figma to create my designs. I enjoy creating minimalistic designs with strong typography, a lot of whitespace and emphasis on a couple of vibrant colors. From time to time I switch to creating whimsical designs that incorporate other disciplines I’m proficient in such as 3D art and illustration. I still stick to Photoshop when I create compositings — to me the most rewarding craft as it’s about stitching multiple photos together to a coherent image.

Dark-Themed website with a header showing the name, location and social links. An image grid below. In the background the footer of the website is visible. Mockup of Typography-heavy website in a minimal design. Mockup of Colorful and quirky website mockup showing Design parts from this website showing the homepage and its posts section and footer. Photo compositing of multiple animals (eagle, whale, elephant) flying in the air through the clouds. Mockup of a custom designed keyboard, its packaging and the website announcement. Harry Potter inspired photo compositing showing a women standing at a desk making potion.