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Created Oct 29, 2018 – Last Updated Oct 29, 2018

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Prismic is a hosted, proprietary Headless CMS (SaaS) with a web app for creating and publishing content. It’s suitable for marketers, editors and developers as it has both a “Writing Room”, and a fully-fledged API & content backend. Besides the usual advantages of a SaaS CMS (hosting, security, updates) Prismic offers features like: custom type builder, scheduling and content versioning and multi-language support.

Now I created a Gatsby Starter for Prismic: gatsby-starter-prismic. You can see a preview here:

The starter uses many features of Prismic, such as:

  • Slices
  • Labels
  • Relationship Fields
  • Single/Repeatable Custom Type

Visit the GitHub repository to see the complete feature list and instructions on how to set up this starter. Have fun!

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