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Gatsby Starter Portfolio: Cara

05/02/20191 min read Category: Coding
react-spring is my personal favorite for animations in React. It also offers a "Parallax" component - and that's exactly what I wanted to use for one of my Gatsby starters. The result was the starter "Cara", which uses this component together with SVGs and CSS animations. Many people have already us...

Gatsby Starter for

29/10/20181 min read Category: Coding
Prismic is a hosted, proprietary Headless CMS (SaaS) with a web app for creating and publishing content. It's suitable for marketers, editors and developers as it has both a "Writing Room" and a fully-fledged API & content backend. Besides the usual advantages of a SaaS CMS (hosting, security, updat...

Gatsby Starter Portfolio: Emilia

23/01/20181 min read Category: Coding
Today I released my second "Starter" for the React based static site generator Gatsby! After my previous starter had a bright theme, this time I ventured into dark tones and put the focus on the photos. The Theme Emilia has everything a nice portfolio for photographers needs: A short info including ...

Gatsby Starter Portfolio: Emma

06/11/20171 min read Category: Coding
Gatsby allows you to install so-called "starters" via CLI. These are, as the name suggests, preconfigured Gatsby projects that allow a quick start for your own project. Some starters offer a good basis for a design framework (e.g. Google Material Design), others do without styling and focus on funct...