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Instagram Project "Proprius"




Creating 3D-Art


1 Year, 2016


I'm surely not the first, but also not the last person on Instagram to do a so called "Daily challenge". I did one in 2016 which means that I uploaded one image a day – 366 days, 366 images. I used this challenge to dive deeper into 3D-Art and especially Cinema4D. I learned a lot!

I chose the Latin adjective proprius as it meant everything I associated with this project:

Proprius(Latin): Individual, own, special, particular


I didn't plan the artworks really and rather let me inspire by other designers on Instagram. Often times I just wanted to learn a new technique and tried something abstract with this new learned technique.

After developing an idea I opened Cinema4D and started the timer as I didn't want to sit longer than 1-2 hours on an image. You can watch a Speedart video for image #155:


Looking back at the challenge I came to the conclusion:

  • I learned a lot about Cinema4D and 3D-Art in general, furthermore how to quickly create an image
  • Not every image needs to be perfect!
  • I didn't like every result but it was worthwhile because I at least learned something new

All images in full resolution can be found on my behance profile. My personal favorites are these ones:

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