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Filter future posts on a Gatsby blog

18/01/20204 min read Category: Tutorial
You can leverage Gatsby's GraphQL data layer to filter blog posts that are in the future. This "TODAY" variable allows you to e.g. build your site once a day and automatically have it published. A use case would be a podcast website where the author recorded the episode and already has written the d...

Creating your own Status Dashboard with Gatsby

30/10/20193 min read Category: Tutorial
When you need to handle a lot of Netlify or CircleCI (or both) projects at the same time and want a clear, minimalist overview of those, your own status dashboard could come in handy. You can visit mine on and see all my (public) repositories hosted on Netlify + some CircleCI test...

Tips & Tricks for Gatsby

02/03/20199 min read Category: Tutorial
For some time now I've been trying to publish quick tips about Gatsby on Twitter, because the community loves such short, useful tips. Accordingly, I had already created a Twitter moment back then - but why only content from me? On January 6th of this year I also called the community to share their ...

10 Tips for Photoshop beginners

24/11/20173 min read Category: Tutorial
The user interface of Photoshop can be as overwhelming at the beginning as the number of available tutorials. The quality of the tutorials differs a lot – that's why these 10 tips are meant especially for beginners, but also for old hands with bad habits. If you internalize these basic principles, y...