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Gatsby Starter for

29/10/20181 min read Category: Coding
Prismic is a hosted, proprietary Headless CMS (SaaS) with a web app for creating and publishing content. It's suitable for marketers, editors and developers as it has both a "Writing Room" and a fully-fledged API & content backend. Besides the usual advantages of a SaaS CMS (hosting, security, updat...

Gatsby Starter Portfolio: Emilia

23/01/20181 min read Category: Coding
Today I released my second "Starter" for the React based static site generator Gatsby! After my previous starter had a bright theme, this time I ventured into dark tones and put the focus on the photos. The Theme Emilia has everything a nice portfolio for photographers needs: A short info including ...

Gatsby Starter Portfolio: Emma

06/11/20171 min read Category: Coding
Gatsby allows you to install so-called "starters" via CLI. These are, as the name suggests, preconfigured Gatsby projects that allow a quick start for your own project. Some starters offer a good basis for a design framework (e.g. Google Material Design), others do without styling and focus on funct...