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Top 5: Podcasts 2019

03/02/20191 min readCategory: General

Over the past few years, podcasts have (re)become popular, allowing you to choose from an endless list of podcasts. There is something for every taste. Of course, I also like to listen to podcasts on the road, both in German and English, and want to share a small selection with you here. Feel free to send me your suggestions on Twitter!

##1 Swindled

Swindled tells stories about white-collar crimes, evil companies and elaborate plans. It's always amazing how people with psychology and know-how can trick people. The creator always starts with a story, which at first seems to be totally independent from the actual topic - only that at the end of the first story it turns out that it leads into the theme of the episode.

##2 Darknet Diaries

Are you a interested in technology and have desire on well told stories to Hacking, Social Engineering and IT Security? Then make sure you listen to Darknet Diaries. The author can shine with a lot of expertise and personal experience, tells the stories in an exciting way and often has interesting interview partners with him.


In my opinion the two developers Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski have the best podcast in the developer area with! Informative, but not stuffy - and always up to date.


Podcast all about design. Great interviews and topics by DesignBetter.

##5 The Good Place

Actually "The Good Place" is a series - a very good one even - but at the same time a podcast will be released. Instead of bringing repetitive content to the show, or even advertising content, there are interesting glimpses behind the scenes. Talks with the actors and employees.

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