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Gatsby Starter Portfolio: Emilia

23/01/20181 min readCategory: Coding

Today I released my second "Starter" for the React based static site generator Gatsby! After my previous starter had a bright theme, this time I ventured into dark tones and put the focus on the photos. The Theme Emilia has everything a nice portfolio for photographers needs: A short info including contact details of the photographer, large pictures and a good overview of these. If you want to start your project quickly, this is the perfect choice for you. You can easily customize and expand your project.

The site has following features:

  • Gatsby v2.0.0
  • Projects in Markdown
  • Element Transitions with React Overdrive
  • Image Grid with CSS Grid
  • HeroPatterns Header
  • Emotion
  • Google Analytics Support
  • SEO
  • Offline Support
  • WebApp Manifest Support
  • Typography.js
  • Responsive images

A live preview can be found here!

Quite a lot of buzzwords! With enough interest you can follow the links, otherwise be told: The site is super fast on all devices and a great way to show your pictures.

You can get hints for installation and usage from the Github repository. If you already have the Gatsby CLI installed, you can install the Starter here:

gatsby new project-name
cd project-name
npm run dev

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