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Whenever I can I combine my love for hiking with photography. And often times it pushes me further by reaching higher mountains, waking up earlier, and exploring nature more. I primarily shoot landscape photography with occasional street photography.

I currently use a FujiFilm X-T100 together with these lenses:

  • XF16-80mm F4 R OIS WR (When I need flexibility both in the city & landscape)
  • XF16mm F2.8 R WR (My favourite lens to shoot landscape)
  • XC15-45mm F3.5-5.6 (The kit lens)

I love the color science and look of FujiFilm! I process all images with Capture One. Below you can find the favourite photos from my trips.


Overlooking a mountain range that is hidden by low-hanging fog clouds. The end of a bigger hill with a little lake in the foreground and the rest of the mountain range in the background. A small valley between two higher mountain ridges. Orange grass in the foreground blurry through the depth-of-field. Looking into a valley in southern austria on a sunny day with a couple of clouds in the sky. At nearly 3000m height a small house is on the mountain in the foreground and the massive mountains in the background are seemingly near but a huge valley is dividing that.

Croatia & Slowenia

Small boat in a port of a small town in Croatia. The town is in the background and has a small destroyed castle at the top. Showing the water reflection of the sky, a small village on the right and the mountains in the background. Blurry gras in the foreground, a small village at a lake in the middleground, and the mountains in the background. Waterfalls in the Plitvicer Lakes. Lake Bled in Slowenia with the alpes in the background.

Los Angeles & San Francisco

The outside of the christian church in Los Angeles Downtown. The Disney theater in Los Angeles Downtown. The golden-gate bridge at sunset with a golden-red sky. The rough coast at Land's end in San Francisco.