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Hi, I’m Lennart 👋

I’m a designer turned software engineer from Darmstadt, Germany. I currently work at Netlify in the ecosystem team. I’m passionate about working on open source projects & building thriving communities around them.
My OSS code has been used by thousands of people & I regularly share educational content in the form of posts, presentations, and videos.

What I’m passionate about

Similarly to how I learned everything about design, 3D art, and photography I’m a self-taught developer. Online developer communities, OSS projects, educators sharing their knowledge (for free & paid), mentors, colleagues, and friends – all those people helped me get to where I am today. And I’m very grateful for that. Early on I also helped out people, contributed to OSS projects and published my own projects on GitHub. That’s how I realized that I enjoy technical writing (e.g. public facing documentation), creating educational content and managing & interacting with communities. I deeply care about inclusivity & accessibility both in the communication with people and the content (e.g. website/documentation) itself.


I work at Netlify in the ecosystem team. Our job is to make every framework seamlessly work on Netlify. Through Netlify’s acquisition of Gatsby we’re also maintaining the Gatsby framework (My job at Gatsby was to maintain the Gatsby open source framework). Together with my colleagues I implement bug fixes, performance improvements, new features, and review issues & PRs to help >300k users build websites.

You can see my projects overview for more technical details.


If I’m not coding I like to spend my time with playing tennis & hiking in the mountains. I then often take my camera with me to take landscape photos and also particularly enjoy editing the photos at the computer afterwards. I also enjoy creating other forms of art such as 3D art or UI design. Lastly, my kindle is always filled with fantasy & sci-fi books 📚.